5 Valuable Secrets to a Successful Career in Tech

We were honoured to host the legendary Daniella Louw, a courageous tech fundi at #WITEE Chatterbots show on http://www.brandlive.co.za this week.

Daniella Louw holds the position as the Managing Director of IMDM. They are keeping brands relevant in the life of 2020, using cutting-edge technology like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and soon to launch, Mixed Reality. This cutting edge technology aims to entice and empower a switched-on consumer.

We unpacked everything from career, entrepreneurship and new technologies.

The highlight of today’s show was the 5 valuable secrets to a successful career in tech by Daniella Louw:

1. Embrace your “womanness”– tech isn’t about just hard coding (although some women are awesome at that too) but as a non-coder, you can add immense value by tapping into your intuition and creativity to drive UX design, front-end design, marketing, strategy and so much more.

2. Don’t be afraid to try. Failure in this game is inevitable, but the crazier your idea, the more reason to give it your all. Never give up.

3. Network. Women are great networkers by nature- use those skills to widen your network and to get to know everybody in your industry. There will come a day when you need a brand or indeed an investor to give you a chance. Use your skills to earn their trust.

4. Research. Women have great researching skills, research global trends and work to understand the local market and how to tie the two together. Successful tech is about finding the right product to solve a specific problem.

5. Find balance. As women we need to be a lot of things to a lot of people- moms, wives, daughters and friends. Make real time for all of them, and for yourself. It will keep you sane.

To learn more about today’s show, click on the link below, for today’s podcast:

Please visit http://www.brandlive.co.za for more info or Send us a Tweet #WITEE or WhatsApp us on 073 224 6126.

About #WITEE Chatterbots Show:

Our show is aimed to keep you updated with the latest trends, digital case studies and set you and your brand up for success. We will be featuring industry movers and shakers, unpack new technologies, insights from leading local and global conferences. We will also celebrate women in Business, learning about their journeys and sharing valuable lessons. Join us live, every Tuesday at 10:00, South Africa Time on http://www.brandlive.co.za

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