Free Masterclass: Fundamentals to Disrupt and Delight by Activating Brand Purpose

I am super excited to announce that I will be doing another Roadshow this year. Last Year’s Master Class on Mobile Innovation was such a huge success that I wanted to bring another fun, and energetic session to inspire you and your teams.

With the arrival of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Digital Darwinism is restricting more and more brands to connect to their customers. Our consumers are resourceful, they don’t trust brands and become anxious about making purchasing decisions. Adblocking is increasing, and it’s becoming difficult to have our BRAND voices heard within the digital arena.

We also have many struggling South Africans who don’t fit our “target market” and they are often abandoned in society. What if I tell you there are ways for brands to find a way to bring two economies together. I believe brands have the power to unleash something bigger and better than what we have ever envisioned. Aiming to activate purpose and find creative ways to embed purpose in every strategy, inspiring co-creativity in every process.  People buy from brands that stand for something bigger than just a product or service.

This brings me to the next exciting Roadshow and sharing some of our learnings and secrets.

I want to open a different perspective to Brand Purpose and give you and your teams and exciting way to look at “Marketing with a Cause”.

Here is quick overview of what I will cover in this Master Class:
-Start with Why – The Golden Circle
-Unpacking the Anatomy of the 5th P in Marketing, Purpose
-Re-connecting with the “human side” of your customer
-The Status of South Africa’s Socio-Economic Issues and where opportunities exist
-Chance favors the connected mind. How to connect the dots to find brand purpose that    unites with your brand values?
-5 Forward-thinking Fundamentals to Disrupt and Delight by activating Brand Purpose-
-Exciting case studies how Mobile was used to “M”power peoples lives


The Master Class is Free of Charge and will be presented at your offices for your teams.


Roadshow launches 19 June until September 2017.


Marketing Managers

Marketing Directors

Brand Managers






Strategic Management




If you are in interested to book this Master Class, please get in touch:

Cell Nr: 073 224 6126




Carmen Murray is a passionate entrepreneur who has been an active force in developing strategies for blue chip companies and local brands across diverse industries.

She has shared her passion for Digital Marketing and have travelled to over 20 countries across the world to speak at conferences and business schools about Mobile in Africa.

She was a finalist for the 2017 IAB Bookmarks in SA, for her Best Individual contribution to digital.

She is an expert in Mobile, Data Science and Innovation and a strong advocate on where good ideas come from and how to Inspire, Initiate, Invent and Implement.

Carmen is the Chief Innovations Officer for Mobitainment and serves on the MMA and IAB.  She is also a columnist for APAC Marketing Magazine on Mobile in Africa, Author, International Speaker and a Faculty Member for RebeOne Academy Entrepreneurship.


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